Radio Mewat is the first community radio station in Mewat, Haryana, India.

Radio Mewat, a SMART initiative, is a community radio station located in Mewat, an extremely backward district in the state of Haryana, India. Radio Mewat seeks to give voice to the voiceless in this backward community. Launched on September 1, 2010, the radio station started with just 2 hours of unstructured broadcast. Absorbing the demands and expectations of the community, the radio stations now broadcasts 14 hours a day, covering a wide variety of local issues in its programming.

It was not easy to set up a community radio station in a socially and educationally backward district like Mewat. Paucity of funds, trained manpower and dedicated power supply were not the only hurdles, there were far more complex social issues that we had to contend with. There were genuine fears of being rejected by an extremely conservative religious community. Our radio programmes were subjected to hard scrutiny by the elders and conscience keepers of the community to ensure that they did not threaten their beliefs. What really worked in Radio Mewat's favour was the credibility of SMART and the work it had done in the last twelve years with women and children. Today the radio station has become not only the voice of the community but also it's pride and identity.

The radio station has been the recipient of two national awards from the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It won an award for being the 'Most Sustainable Community Radio Station' in 2011 and for the 'Most Creative and Innovative Programming' in 2012.


Radio Mewat is committed to the community and to its mandate of ensuring the participation of all sections of society in developing content. With the help of 11 full time reporters, a committed managerial and administrative team - with 75 % per cent of them from the local community - Radio Mewat strives to make the community a stake holder in the change that it is ushering.

Our Director

Radio Mewat and SMART (Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation) are the brainchild of Archana Kapoor, a Delhi-based publisher, filmmaker, author, and activist For over 13 years she has been working in Mewat - a rural district of Haryana, just about 70 kilometres away from New Delhi.

In 2010, Archana launched Radio Mewat . This radio station, under her leadership, has become a very powerful tool for empowerment of the community. It has brought to the fore the unheard voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. Today the radio station has become the identity of the locals. It has been featured extensively in both national and international media for its innovative programming, and in journals brought out by both UNICEF and UNESCO. The radio station has received two national awards.

Archana is also an elected member of the governing body of the Community Radio Association, an organisation set up to promote and lobby for community radio in India.

Programme Schedule
Programme Themes

The programming of the radio station is sensitive to the needs and problems of the community. The content is hence conceived with the help of the community. Over 90% of what is aired is specific to the region. To bring about greater participation and depth to the content, the radio station disseminates information and also serves as a bridge between the community and the administration. Evidence of how much the radio enjoys the trust and confidence of the local community can be gauged by the fact that local people come for counseling and seek help in grievance redressal from the staff on a regular basis.

Moreover, the open door policy of the radio station encourages the residents of Mewat to walk in freely and voice their opinions on issues that impact them or about which they are passionate. Live phone-ins have increased the participation of the people and brought in a wide spectrum of voices from all sections of the population. Radio Mewat has helped in improving relationship between the local community and the administration.

The radio station has a content committee and a management committee with representatives from the community, who participate actively in all its operational and programming issues.

Radio Mewat has also been instrumental in reviving the lost cultural and oral tradition of the Meos- that of the Mirasi music - sufi singers who have been reciting the Mahabharata..

  • "Financial Inclusion in Mewat" Report 2013-2014

    One way of defining financial inclusion (FI) can be as-“access to fair, appropriate, cost effective financial products and services by mainstream service providers to a certain segment of society.’ It can also be defined as the delivery of financial services at an affordable cost to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups. FI is not an end in itself, it is a gateway to a better life, better living and better income; a process that makes access to financial services possible and provides equal opportunity for availing adequate and timely credit. FI opens up the financial system for those who could not earlier muster up the resources to improve their lives, but now with easy access to savings, loans, insurance and affordable rates these opportunities are not out of their reach. The Indian banking credit system in the last decade has registered a significant growth, which has enabled them to diversify their portfolio. Click here to download the full report    

  • "Shan-e-Mewat" - The folk music and the classical music of Mewat

    The Mewati Gharana is very unique as it not surviving on family lineage but on the contribution of its practitioners from all segments of its society. Its enchanting folk music has been popularised by the Saangis, the bhaats and the Jogis. After several rounds of music auditioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Haryana in collaboration with Radio Mewat the final competitions were held at Randhawa Auditorium, Chandigarh. Out of total 125 contestants, three winners were selected by the panel of judges.Wholesale Jerseys China Young Rashid Gumataki was crowned Shan-e-Mewat while Adarsh Kumar and Ayyub Khan were declared the first and second runners- up, respectively. The winners were felicitated by chief guest Ram Bilas Sharma. Education Minister, Haryana in the august presence of Latika Sharma, MLA,Kalka, IAS Vijay Vardhan, additional chief secretary and PK Dass were present at the event. Read more  

  • Radio Mewat received a National Record Certificate from "Limca Book of Records".

    Radio Mewat 90.4 Mhz is a Community Radio Station located at Mewat, Haryana which was launched with just two hours of programming on Sept 1, 2010, it also started serving as a consumer helpline on Wednesdays from Jan 15, 2014 making it the first radio station cum consumer helpline. Radio Mewat now broadcaster for 14 hours a day. It started by Archana Kapoor and the first RJ were Desh Raj Singh and Mohd. Arif. Read More

    Radio Mewat received a National Record Certificate from
  • रेडियो मेवात ने मनाया "विश्व रेडियो दिवस"

    आज रेडियो विश्व दिवस को रेडियो मेवात ने अलग ही डंग से मनाया । रेडियो मेवात की टीम ने मेवात के 12 गाँव मे जाकर हर एक व्यक्ति से बात करने की कोशिश की है । जिसमे कुल मिलकर 5059 लोगो ने अपनी आवाज़ मे रेडियो पर मेवात ओर मेवात के मुख्य मुद्दों को लेकर अपने विचार प्रकट किए । लोगो के विचारों मे मेवात मे सफाई, पानी, बिजली, बालिका शिक्षा और आने वाले पांच साल में मेवात कैसा देखना चाहते है जैसे मुद्दे ज़्यादातर नज़र आए । लोगों की आवाज़ को रेडियो के माध्यम से जन जन तक पहुचाने मे रेडियो मेवात की टीम अजेंद्र सिंह राजपूत, आरिफ, सद्दाम, लेखराज, अंतराम, इमरान, प्रियंका, नजिस, फिरदोस, सुमित, सुनीता, जफरुद्दीन, वारिसा इत्यादि का योगदान रहा । (Read More)  

    रेडियो मेवात ने मनाया