About Radio Mewat

Launched on September 1, 2010, Radio Mewat has been the voice of the most backward community situated in Nuh, Haryana. An initiative of SMART, Radio Mewat empowers people through information, reflects the concerns of the community and has become a platform that people of Mewat can truly call their own.

To inform, educate, stimulate, entertain and become a voice for the community by providing opportunities to share and learn from each other’s experiences. To listen to and be heard by every member of the community, thereby spurring collective action that transforms the lives of the people, particularly women and children.

Radio Tuition – Education

Appalled by the results of the students in 2017 June, Radio Mewat has started an innovative programme- Radio Tuitions, in August 2017. We are producing programmes on each of the subject for classes 6 to 10 read more...

Radio Chaupaal

A community radio serves the purpose of a bridge between the community and the administration. Without this connection it does not serve the purpose of making the voice of the most marginalised heard by those read more...

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