Faayde ki baat

It is a programme sponsored by NABARD. It was a series of 200 programmes based on financial inclusion. The audience were apprised about all the bank related information like how to open a bank account, benefits of opening a bank account, loan facilities available in Mewat, success stories of small entrepreneurs who took a loan from the local banks to commence their businesses that are running successfully especially Self-help groups, joint liability groups, farmers club etc. All programmes were broadcasted under the supervision of bank managers.

Swasthaya ki baat

It is sponsored by NRHM. It is a series of 230 episodes which is still running successfully. This programme aims at making the community aware about various health-related issues like Malaria. Tuberculosis, pre-natal post-natal health, importance of nutritious food and healthy lifestyle, AIDS, safe sex, tubectomy and vasectomy, seasonal diseases, immunization etc. All the programmes were made by keeping the understanding of the community on health related issues into consideration and with a doctor’s supervision.

Humara Raj Panchayati Raj

It is sponsored by Panchayati Raj department of Government of India. It was a series of 60 programmes wich were made after rigorous research and a lot of community interaction. There were programmes based on Gram Sabha, Panchayat Samiti, roles and responsibilities of the elected body etc. Not only were the programmes made but a grass root level work was done where community participation was the focussed upon through narrow casting. This programme was highly appreciated by the community members.

Gali Gali Sim Sim

GGSS is a hindi version of Sesame Street which was a long running American children’s television series. Radio Mewat is one of the 10 radio stations that were picked up by Sesame Workshop India to broadcast their programmes. The programmes were based on physical and emotional health, Mathematics etc.

Pate ki Baat

PKB is a series of episodes where the community is made aware about basic needs like the importance of ration cards, insurance, bank accounts, PAN card, voter ID, passport etc.
They are also told about small schemes like pention, Righ to Education, fundamental rights and duties etc.

Aaj ka Mehman

It is a programme for people from various strata of the society. Various people from different castes are interviewed at the radio station. This programmes basically aims at encouraging the community members to come forward to participate in the radio and to share their lives and experiences so that the others come forward too.


It talks about the glorious history of Mewat which has not been documented ever in the past. The tagline of this programme was – “Ladaaku nahi, jazbaati hain, fakr se kaho, hum Mewati hain”. The reporter travelled extensively to do the ground level research on this programme.

Baat Berbani Ki

It is a programmes that is run by the women and for the women. Since, Mewat is a backward area, women are not allowed to go out of their households and talk so the reporter goes to their houses and interacts with them         

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